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Auto Operable Wall

Full Automatic Partition Wall,remote control ,wall panel moving and positioned by electric motor drive without the need of manually operation.

Full Automatic Partition Wall, remote control, wall panel moving and positioned by electric motor drive  without the need of manual operation.

Fully automatic operable wall instructions
Control system

  • Industrial programmed control,automatic control of each piece of door.The motor of each door isequipped with photoelectric encoder,which can realize the position control of each door.Electrical system
  • The main power motor controls the expansion and collection of the door panels
  • The retractable motor controls the retractable rubber above and next to the seal
  • Running speed:100~150mm/s

Security system
The system itself has anti-collision protection. When any one of the doors is blocked, the door behindt will stop running, and it will run automatically after the barrier is clear. This system has the function of power failure protection, when there is an unexpected power failure, the system will keep and remember the position of each piece of door in the system when the power failure, when the system will automatically execute the work for completion. Equipped with key switch to prevent
non-management personnel from operating the system. Wall switch or remote control,can control thedoor automatic removal,collection,fixed sealing and other operation instructions.Product characteristics
High strength 6063-T6 aluminum alloy guide railJapan Shinano motor special supply motorFully automatic control system,one-click operationExcellent sound insulation


In case of unexpected power failure, it has manual push-turn function to ensure normal traffic of personnel.