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Operable Partition Wall

Aluminum frame door panel,each panel is jointed together with Male&Female magnetic seal,pre-finished with MDF,vinyl, fabric or other specified finish. Panels are manufactured at various heights up to 17m.

Neuwall ​of extruded aluminum profile, with a snap-on base made of extruded rubber seal. Panels lift into floor and ceiling tracks to form a solid, uniform wall system that provides excellent acoustic barrier with a STC rating of 38 to 58dB. 

Top and bottom retractable seal,Extending Max 50mm(2"-0)

When moving a wall panel there is a 25-30mm gap between the top of the panel and the underside of the head track, there is a similar gap between the bottom of the panel and the floor.

Trimless Edges and exposed edge : Fabricate exposed panel edges so finish facing wraps uninterrupted around panel,, covering edge and resulting in an installed partition with facing visible on vertical panel edges, without trim, for minimal sightlines at panel-to-panel joints. 


Panel Stacking


Retractable top and bottom seals ensure effortless movment of panels.
 Concealed or exposed panel edge profiles.
 Single panel or pair hinged panel meeting different requirements.
 Passdoor built-in panel enabling access to adjoining room.
 Numerous panel stacking options for complete flexibility.
 The system offers various levels of soundproof rate
 Top hung without the rail on floor,with rubber seals achieving excellent insulation effect
Panel Selection
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MODEL NW831 NW840 NW840-W Ultra-high 
Panel suspension Top hung without the need of rail on the floor
Single or twin point,Nylon with steel rim
Single or twin
point,Stainless Steel
Open width Unlimited
Panel width 600mm to 12000mm
Max height 4000mm 5500mm 5500mm 18000mm
Track Anodized aluminum  
Panel joint Single or hinge pairedd  Single only
Panel thickness 80mm 100mm 92mm or 100mm 100mm
Vertical profile
Aluminum,anodized with sealing profiles,painted-optional
Retractable seals
Aluminum, black with double rubber seals

Track Installation


200mm 250mm 250mm 400mm
Soundproof 40dB-43dB 45dB-48dB 50dB-55dB 50dB
Weight (kg/m²) 38-40KG 42-45KG 45-50dB 50-52dB
Built-in Rubber seal
Extending seal
Inner transmission mechanism
Steel face
Hanging System