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Ultra-high Partition Wall

Designed for movable partition as high as 7 m to16 m with max soundproof rate 53 dB. Load bearing of each meter is more than 2000 kilograms, pulley bearing more than 1600 KGS, used in large place, such as banquet hall, multi-function hall, exhibition center, gym and conference room.
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Designed for movable partition as high as 7 m to16 m with max soundproof rate 53 dB. Load bearing of each meter is more than 2000 kilograms, pulley bearing more than 1600 KGS, used in large place, such as banquet hall, multi-function hall , exhibition center, gym and conference room. Ultra-high type partition is top hung system, hanging wheel sliding in the track smoothly and stability without vibration, the 16 meters high partition can easily move even being pushed at waist-high. With build- In oriental device, the panel can make a turn automatically as sliding in the straight rail.
Model Acoustic Weight(M²/KG)
NW125 43dB 38.50
NW125 48dB 40.50
NW125-W 50dB 45.00
NW-125-W 53dB 50.00
12M High Partition Wall in Conference Hall 
16.54M High Partition Wall In National Gymnastics Arena Of Baku,Azerbaijan
Panel turning 
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Panel Stacking
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